Since 1973 Electro has been a world leader in electric heating products. Manufacturing only the best equipment with comfort in mind. A leading manufacturer in electric heating equipment including, electric boilers up to 1 million BTU, electric make-up air units, duct and plenum heaters and much more.For over 45 years Electro has manufactured only the best equipment with your comfort in mind.

Packaged Make-Up Air
Electro’s Packaged Make-Up Air system is the complete and safe solution to your home’s make-up air equipment needs. This compact unit includes motorized damper, filter, blower, and 100% efficient heating elements operated by our patented WarmFlo® comfort control. The Packaged Make-Up Air units are compact and easy to install.  This saves on valuable installation labor time which saves you money. Our exclusive control system automatically activates when the exhaust fan turns on, bringing in just the right amount of filtered and tempered fresh air. This eliminates complicated wiring and controls, and satisfies the code requirements of ASHRAE 62.2.

Electro’s Complete Electro-Boiler® System
5 to 20 kW of Economical Hydronic Heating Power
The EZBoiler is the complete electric boiler solution for hydronic heating systems. Designed with the contractor in mind, it is the industry’s easiest residential boiler system to professionally install! This premium series of reliable, energy efficient boiler systems are ideal for radiant floor heating and hot water baseboard applications.

Engineered for Ease of Installation & Universal Compatibility
Electro has taken the guesswork and labor out of piping your boiler system by including everything you need in one convenient package. Simply run your supply and return lines from the boiler system to your manifolds, it’s that easy! Our EZBoiler is safe to operate, and it will save you both time and money, and, most importantly, it will provide years of reliable service and performance.

Heat Pump Boiler – NC-FE Heat/Cool Series
At 200% efficient, the NorAire Air Source Heat Pump Boiler is one of the most economical ways to supply heated water to your radiant floor heat system and chilled water to a forced air system with one unit. (How It Works) Combining a modern air source heat pump and our patented WarmFlo® technology with an optional built-in backup electric boiler, the NorAire can be sized to meet the full heat load of your home regardless of your climate at much higher efficiencies than traditional heating systems. The NorAire system can also use an air source heat pump to chill water to be distributed via hydronic fan coils or a furnace/air handler with chilled water coil to effectively cool and dehumidify your home.