Beacon Morris

The Innovator of the Kickspace Heater Beacon-Morris is the originator and the world’s leading producer of kickspace heaters. The Twin-Flo kickspace heater line leads Beacon-Morris’ fine family of residential and commercial heating products. Designed for distribution by plumbing and heating wholesalers, Beacon-Morris products provide solutions for all heating applications.

Headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts. All Beacon-Morris products are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A. Our other products include convectors, gas & hydronic unit heaters, floor vectors, cabinet unit heaters, and commercial finned-tube. The entire Beacon-Morris family of heating products delivers the quality, value, and performance expected from the inventor of Kickspace heaters.

Beacon Morris not only invented the concept of Kickspace heating but also patented the original design. As the #1 manufacturer of Kickspace heaters, Beacon Morris is the most experienced producer of these heaters in North America.

Beacon Morris towel warmers are a welcome entity to any bathroom. Elegant and stylish our towel warmers epitomize comfort and convenience. Not only do they provide a nice warm towel but they provide comfortable space heat and help reduce moisture in the air.

Beacon Morris panel radiators are a only practical and beautiful addition to any decor and perform in all types of applications including modern low temp systems. Our panel radiators offer versatility in both residential and commercial settings.

In today’s marketplace where time is money, the Beacon Morris Optum unit heater offers the best thermal efficiency in the industry and is designed to be user, service, and environmentally friendly.

Beacon Morris brings years of manufacturing and engineering experience to its cabinet unit heater offering. Cabinet unit heaters are available in several configurations allowing application flexibility

The new Beacon Morris RBW Series Tinted Ceramic Glass Patio Heater is an outdoor high intensity infrared heater. This patio heater is the perfect solution to extend the outdoor season by providing the warmth of radiant heat. The RBW Series delivers a level of comfort for your outdoor dining and entertainment areas with an aesthetically pleasing design. It is perfect for other partially covered outdoor environments like patios, bars, and smoking area